• Product Manager at HashiCorp, focusing on Vault’s cloud and application ecosystem. I’m really proud of what my team is working on right now, and I’m supporting a really incredible group of engineers and designers.
  • Really enjoying hanging out on Mastodon— specifically, Hachyderm! There’s a very peaceful and nerdy atmosphere there right now. I love learning about the cool things everyone is working on!
  • Building a Mastodon client to stretch my front end development skills.
  • Tuning up a 3D printer that my brother and I designed and built.
  • Trying to make the upcoming year one of routine and habit building. I function much better with established schedules and routines, but I am paradoxically bad at keeping them. I’m trying to approach it with a gentler mindset this time.
  • Reading Dune: Messiah by Frank Herbert.

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